Publishing a book for your small business can bring all sorts of marketing, promotional and business opportunities, some expected and some not.

I’ve been working in this area of publishing for over 20 years, and I’ve seen all of these things and more happen many times over as the result of writing and publishing a good book:

  1. You’ll attract new customers.
  2. You’ll be seen as a leading expert in your field.
  3. When writing, you’ll spend time thinking carefully about what you do every day, which will benefit your business.
  4. You can gain publicity.
  5. You can be invited to speak at events and conferences.
  6. You can make new contacts for your business.
  7. You can turn the book into blog posts.
  8. You can use Amazon as a marketing platform.
  9. You can use the book as a gift.
  10. You can do book signings in bookstores.
  11. You can put free sample chapters on your website.
  12. You can promote your book in your email signature.
  13. You can sell books through a range of retail outlets.
  14. You’ll stand out from your competitors.
  15. When you meet people who have read your book, they will already feel like they know you.
  16. You can carry copies of your book with you wherever you go and give away copies to anybody who might be interested.
  17. You can develop the content in your book into other products for your business, such as a course.
  18. You can sell copies on your website and collect the contact details of the people who purchase, to add to your email list (with their permission of course).
  19. You can turn it into an audiobook.
  20. You can submit your book for consideration to be placed in libraries.
  21. You can get book reviews.
  22. You can use a book launch to promote your business.
  23. You can create a Facebook group for readers to interact.
  24. You will gain feedback from readers that will help you develop your products and services.
  25. You can use the book as a business card.
  26. You can reach out to leading figures in your industry.
  27. You can start promoting your book before it even comes out.
  28. You can submit excerpts from your book as articles to be published online, in magazines and in newspapers.
  29. You can turn it into an eBook.
  30. You can use your book to develop your brand.
  31. You can give books away as prizes at events.
  32. Before a meeting, you can send it to the people you are meeting with, so that they learn more about you and your business.
  33. You can give copies of your book to businesses you partner with, for them to use in their promotions, events and marketing.
  34. You can submit your book to the National Library of Australia, to become part of their archives.
  35. You can have a call to action at the end of the book that sends people to your website.
  36. You can send your book to past clients you haven’t heard from in a while.
  37. You can create a social media campaign around your book.
  38. You can put useful resources on your website that are only available to your readers.
  39. You can build trust with potential clients because they will feel like they know you after reading your book.
  40. You can promote and sell your book internationally.
  41. You can start a series of books.
  42. You can raise your prices for your products and services, because as an author people will start to see you as a leader in your field.
  43. You can get testimonials from readers to help promote your business.
  44. The book will help potential clients decide if you’re the right business for them.
  45. You can have your book translated into other languages.
  46. You can prepare promotional material from the content in your book.
  47. You can create podcast episodes from the book.
  48. You will attract good clients, suppliers, partners and team members to your business because you’ve written a great book and are therefore seen as a leader in your field.
  49. You can cross-promote your business with other authors.
  50. You can do a second edition 18 months later to start the whole process again.