Does MHP work with first-time self-publishers?
Yes, we do! We regularly work with novice self-publishers. We know the self-publishing process can seem a bit daunting. If you are a first-time publisher you don’t need to worry. We take control of the process for you, but the decisions are still yours. We’ll use our years of publishing experience to give you the best advice every step of the way, explain to you what needs to be done and when, and keep your book on track from start to finish. We also provide encouragement and support when you need it!

How much will it cost to produce my book?
There are many variables involved in producing a book so we can’t provide an exact amount without discussing your book with you. However, to give you an idea, on average our authors invest between $12,000 and $15,000 in their books. After we have discussed your project with you and seen your manuscript, we can provide you with a quote. If you are going to base your decision on price, we can save you some time: we are not the cheapest self-publishing provider in Australia. We have more experience than most, produce some of the highest quality self-published books in Australia, and will provide you with the best self-publishing advice available. We know what is required to produce a top-quality, professional-standard book, and the self-publishers we work with invest accordingly.

How long will it take to produce my book?
As with the cost, there are many variables. Most of our projects take around three months from start to finish, with a few more weeks until the ebook and print on demand versions are available online. At the commencement of your project we will work out a schedule with you, taking into account any deadlines you may have.

Will I make much money from book sales?
It’s very important for you to be aware that many self-publishers do not make much money from book sales, if any. We regularly have authors who only sell 20 to 50 copies, and they are quite happy with this as they are not focused on sales. Success is about getting the book in the hands of the right people who may then turn into clients for your business, and there are many ways to do this. Self-publishing a book for your business is about using the book as a marketing and promotion tool, and done well this can be very profitable.

Does MHP take a commission from book sales?
No, we don’t. Through all of our distribution options you will receive 100% of all commissions from your sales. Contact us for more detailed information on our distribution options.

How many copies should I print?
Print runs vary widely depending on authors’ needs. Our typical print runs are 100 to 300 copies for self-publishers not using bookshop distribution, and 300 to 500 copies forĀ self-publishers who are using bookshop distribution. We’ll discuss your print quantity with you and provide advice.

Who will edit my book?
Your book will be edited by Michael Hanrahan, our senior editor Charlotte Duff, or by one of our experienced and well-qualified freelance editors. You will be introduced to your editor in the early stages of your project.

Do I have to use all of your services?
No, not at all. You may have your own designer, or printer, or maybe your book has already been edited. That’s fine. It is, however, a requirement that we do the interior design and layout, as this is the central step in the publishing process.

How long does it take to receive a quote?
After discussing your book with you and receiving your manuscript, you’ll receive a quote within two business days. We’ll follow up with a phone call the next business day to discuss your quote and answer any questions you may have.

Who owns the rights in my book?
As a self-publisher you retain full rights in the content of your book.

Will MHP publicise my book?
No. We’re experts at publishing, not publicity, and we like to stick to our knitting. Our distribution channels make your book available to various outlets, but driving sales is the responsibility of the self-publisher. We do have a number of excellent publicity companies we can refer you to that do a lot of great work with self-publishers. You can talk to them and pick the best match for you and your book.

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