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It’s not sexy, it’s copyright.

AN INTRODUCTION TO COPYRIGHT FOR SMALL BUSINESS. Why do you need to know this stuff? These days many Small Businesses prepare content such as blogs, videos, articles, websites, podcasts and newsletters. They are a powerful promotional tool. And it’s not uncommon to, for example, use an image from the internet, use an extract from somebody […]

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“Could I really write a business book?”

Have you been thinking about writing a book for your Small Business, but ‘something’ keeps getting in the way? Maybe when the kids finish school? Maybe when business slows down a little? Maybe when business picks up a little? Maybe, maybe, maybe. I’ve been around books, writing and publishing my whole life, so I’ve heard […]

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So you want to be an Amazon bestseller?

If you want to do an Amazon bestseller campaign, there’s a little bit of planning involved to give you the best chance of success. You must think about this early on before your ebook is uploaded – that way you can plan exactly when you want to do it, and if you are getting help […]

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Common self-publishing Q & A’s

Many first-time self-publishers have the same queries, so here I answers some small business self-publishing questions I hear quite often. WILL I SELL ONE MILLION COPIES ON AMAZON, LIKE I KEEP HEARING ABOUT ON THE INTERNET? No, you won’t. Most Small Business self-publishing authors sell just a few copies per month on Amazon. This is […]

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What’s involved in self-publishing my book?

Many of the authors we work with are new to self-publishing, so we came up with a seven-step system that outlines every step in the self-publishing process. If you’re thinking about self-publishing a book for your small business but find the prospect a bit daunting, this overview may help set your mind at ease. THE […]

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