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What’s involved in self-publishing my book?

Many of the authors we work with are new to self-publishing, so we came up with a seven-step system that outlines every step in the self-publishing process. If you’re thinking about self-publishing a book for your small business but find the prospect a bit daunting, this overview may help set your mind at ease. THE […]

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How does a book get published?

If you’ve ever wondered how books are published, especially if you’re thinking of writing and publishing a book for your Small Business, here’s a (slightly fictionalised but mostly accurate) glimpse behind the scenes. A Monday at MHP. 9.00 am: Archie and Lik arrive late for the scheduling meeting. Again. But we let it slide. They […]

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What to consider when publishing your book

Why has the popularity of book publishing for business grown so rapidly? Writing a book as a business tool is a growing trend that has been spurred on by two significant developments. First is the rapid advances in the book publishing industry. The key changes include eBooks, outlets such as Amazon, and lower cost high-quality printing. […]

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A cautionary tale of DIY self-publishing (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the first instalment of Bob’s careening self-publishing journey, click here. If you have, read on. * * * * * So Bob is now ready to promote his substandard book. He’s not super-happy with how it turned out, but he sees little choice but to persevere. Just as he did with […]

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A cautionary tale of DIY self-publishing (Part 1)

I’ve been around books and publishing my whole life, so I’ve seen people do some rather crazy things with their books. To help you understand what not to do in your self-publishing journey, here’s a little story about Bob and everything he did wrong with his publishing. Bob of course isn’t real, but I have […]

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