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What is Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing is where the author also takes on the role of the publisher, usually with the assistance of an editor or a self-publishing company. The greatest single advantage of self-publishing – and the reason many authors choose this route – is that it guarantees your book gets out there. With self-publishing, the responsibility for the […]

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‘What do I do now?’

Let me tell you about a phone call I receive a few times a week. The phone rings, and of course I stop what I’m doing and answer it, as long as the cat isn’t sitting on my lap or the dog isn’t in the way and I can actually get to the phone. After […]

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But do I really need an editor?

Most people who have never been involved in a book have no idea whatsoever about what the editing process involves. They often think the author does all the work and the editor comes in at the last minute and moves a few commas around. Yes, we check the spelling and the grammar and the punctuation […]

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MHP Top 10 self-publishing tips

1. Do your homework. What other books are out there that are similar to yours? What makes yours different? People must have a good reason to buy your book rather than the next one. 2. Have your book professionally produced. Your friend who is good in Word might be able to make great Christmas cards, but that […]

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