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How and when should I launch my book?

Authors often tie themselves in knots trying to decide how to launch their book. I’m here to solve this for you in one easy blog. Read on! What do I do? I hear this question all the time: ‘What do I do for a book launch?’ The answer is simple: anything you want! My father […]

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How to get you and your book ‘out there’

We chatted to Brad Beer, author of You Can Run Pain Free!, who has not only seen great book sales, but has also seen his business POGO Physio grow thanks to his continued efforts to get his book and himself out there.   So where exactly is ‘out there’? Well, in today’s world ‘out there’ is […]

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Your self-publishing questions answered

Welcome to my latest blog. (Warning: it’s long!) I asked people to post their self-publishing questions on Facebook, and here are the answers! (Several questions were similar so I’ve combined a few into a single question and answer.) Thank you to everybody who submitted a query! When in my entrepreneurial or business journey should I […]

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