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Step 4 – Proofreading and Indexing

Proofreading Proofreading is the final quality-control step in the production of your book. Even the best of editors won’t pick up every single problem and error in your book, so proofreading is essential. It will be the difference between a professional-standard book and one that’s not quite there. One or two minor errors in your […]

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Step 3 – Design: The book interior

As with the front cover of your book, a great way to find out how you want your book to look inside is to go to a bookstore and have a look through some books! Think about whether you want your book to look modern, traditional, funky, fun – whatever! The inside of your book […]

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Step 3 – Design: The spine and back cover

As well as a front cover design you will also need a spine and back cover design for your book. These are usually completed after the front cover design is finalised. Your back cover should contain: ▪   Blurb (sometimes also known as ‘back cover copy’): don’t make this too ‘hard sell’. Your blurb should accurately […]

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