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How and when should I launch my book?

Authors often tie themselves in knots trying to decide how to launch their book. I’m here to solve this for you in one easy blog. Read on! What do I do? I hear this question all the time: ‘What do I do for a book launch?’ The answer is simple: anything you want! My father […]

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Using your book in your business

There are an unlimited number of ways to use your book in your business; today I’m going to look at a few that are easy to do and won’t cost you anything (except your time). Give your book away You might send a copy to potential clients that contact your business with an inquiry, or […]

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Step 7 – Distribution: Launches, Publicity & Sales

The best time to generate publicity and sales for your book is when it is first released, and you can also combine this with your book launch if you are having one. As well as being a celebration, a launch is a great way to generate interest in your book. You can send out a […]

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