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Step 3 – Design: The spine and back cover

As well as a front cover design you will also need a spine and back cover design for your book. These are usually completed after the front cover design is finalised. Your back cover should contain: ▪   Blurb (sometimes also known as ‘back cover copy’): don’t make this too ‘hard sell’. Your blurb should accurately […]

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Step 1 – Planning: why self-publishing is great business

Being a published author will help you build your profile, promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. It’s a turbocharged business card, a demonstration of your skill and experience, an ad, a marketing tool, a symbol of your commitment to seeing a project through, a key that will open many doors, […]

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What is Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing is where the author also takes on the role of the publisher, usually with the assistance of an editor or a self-publishing company. The greatest single advantage of self-publishing – and the reason many authors choose this route – is that it guarantees your book gets out there. With self-publishing, the responsibility for the […]

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