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A cautionary tale of DIY self-publishing (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the first instalment of Bob’s careening self-publishing journey, click here. If you have, read on. * * * * * So Bob is now ready to promote his substandard book. He’s not super-happy with how it turned out, but he sees little choice but to persevere. Just as he did with […]

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A cautionary tale of DIY self-publishing (Part 1)

I’ve been around books and publishing my whole life, so I’ve seen people do some rather crazy things with their books. To help you understand what not to do in your self-publishing journey, here’s a little story about Bob and everything he did wrong with his publishing. Bob of course isn’t real, but I have […]

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What’s my self-publishing investment?

If you’ve made the very wise decision to self-publish a book for your small business, you will of course want to know how much you’ll need to invest. So how much does it cost?  A WISE INVESTMENT You will have to put some money into your book to have it published, but it’s important to […]

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Should you DIY the self-publishing of your business book?

Writing and publishing a book for your Small Business is a fantastic way to build your profile and promote your business. If you are self-publishing your book, should you project manage the process yourself or find a self-publishing company to help you? Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, and I’ve seen great books and not-so-great […]

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