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Here’s what we get asked a lot…

Many first-time self-publishers of a small business book have the same queries. SO, I HAVE COMPILED A LIST FOR YOU OF SOME OF THE SMALL BUSINESS BOOK SELF-PUBLISHING QUESTIONS THAT I HEAR QUITE OFTEN, AND THE ANSWERS TO THESE: Will I sell one million copies on Amazon like I keep hearing about on the internet? […]

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50 things your published book can do for you

Publishing a book for your small business can bring all sorts of marketing, promotional and business opportunities, some expected and some not. I’ve been working in this area of publishing for over 20 years, and I’ve seen all of these things and more happen many times over as the result of writing and publishing a […]

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So you want your business book to be an Amazon bestseller

One of the never-ending problems of being a Small Business owner is setting yourself apart from your competitors in a crowded marketplace. You’ve probably tried advertising, social media, publicity, and many of the other usual suspects. But there is one option that is more accessible today than ever before that not enough business owners take […]

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