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37 common self-publishing stuff-ups

Here we go. In no particular order, here are the 37 most common mistakes I see in self-publishing for small business (not from our self-publishers, of course): Using service providers who don’t have experience with books. Not having text appropriately formatted and ‘styled’ by the editor, so that it’s ready for layout. Not thinking about […]

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Foreword and testimonials

Foreword for your book

How to get a foreword and/or testimonials for your book This is a question I am asked often: how do I get a foreword or testimonials for my book from people I respect or admire in my industry? There are a number of different ways you can approach this. The first step is usually a […]

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The author photo

One thing that many authors don’t think about until the last minute is the author photo on the back of the book. Although it’s not essential, it’s a good idea to have an author photo. It allows your readers to identify with you. Many authors have professional images ready to go, but if you don’t, […]

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Featured Self-Publisher: Heidi Di Santo

Heidi Di Santo has published two books with our help. Heidi’s latest book I Should Be Happy, But I’m Not was released in March and we asked Heidi what she has been up to since her book came out. “My intention behind writing and publicising my book can be summed up by this quote from […]

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Too much information is not enough

The best thing you can do in your book for you and your business is give your clients as much information as you can. Now, I’m not talking about giving away proprietary information that is important to your business; I’m talking about the kind of stuff your clients will value and that will help them […]

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