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Why you should write and publish a book for your small business

When you’re at your next conference, networking event or seminar, while everybody else is handing out business cards, how would you like to be handing out copies of your professionally-published book? Too hard? Think you can’t write well enough? Don’t know where to start? Not moody enough to call yourself a writer? Don’t worry, none […]

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It’s not sexy, it’s copyright.

AN INTRODUCTION TO COPYRIGHT FOR SMALL BUSINESS. Why do you need to know this stuff? These days many Small Businesses prepare content such as blogs, videos, articles, websites, podcasts and newsletters. They are a powerful promotional tool. And it’s not uncommon to, for example, use an image from the internet, use an extract from somebody […]

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How to get you and your book ‘out there’

We chatted to Brad Beer, author of You Can Run Pain Free!, who has not only seen great book sales, but has also seen his business POGO Physio grow thanks to his continued efforts to get his book and himself out there.   So where exactly is ‘out there’? Well, in today’s world ‘out there’ is […]

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Print vs Electronic

Can I just do an ebook? Doing an ebook alone is usually seen as a way to reduce costs, but if you’re using your book as a marketing tool for your business, you should see it as an investment. You can do an ebook only, but when self-publishing for your business it’s not a great […]

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How cover design actually works

We work with many first-time self-publishers here at MHP, and sometimes during the cover design process I sense the author getting a little frustrated when the cover design seems to become more involved than they expected. They underestimate the level of development required to get a finished cover. Here’s how authors sometimes expect the process […]

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