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It’s not sexy, it’s copyright.

AN INTRODUCTION TO COPYRIGHT FOR SMALL BUSINESS. Why do you need to know this stuff? These days many Small Businesses prepare content such as blogs, videos, articles, websites, podcasts and newsletters. They are a powerful promotional tool. And it’s not uncommon to, for example, use an image from the internet, use an extract from somebody […]

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So you want to be an Amazon bestseller?

If you want to do an Amazon bestseller campaign, there’s a little bit of planning involved to give you the best chance of success. You must think about this early on before your ebook is uploaded – that way you can plan exactly when you want to do it, and if you are getting help […]

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MHP Top 10 self-publishing tips

1. Do your homework. What other books are out there that are similar to yours? What makes yours different? People must have a good reason to buy your book rather than the next one. 2. Have your book professionally produced. Your friend who is good in Word might be able to make great Christmas cards, but that […]

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