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Why you should write and publish a book for your small business

When you’re at your next conference, networking event or seminar, while everybody else is handing out business cards, how would you like to be handing out copies of your professionally-published book? Too hard? Think you can’t write well enough? Don’t know where to start? Not moody enough to call yourself a writer? Don’t worry, none […]

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“Could I really write a business book?”

Have you been thinking about writing a book for your Small Business, but ‘something’ keeps getting in the way? Maybe when the kids finish school? Maybe when business slows down a little? Maybe when business picks up a little? Maybe, maybe, maybe. I’ve been around books, writing and publishing my whole life, so I’ve heard […]

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Foreword and testimonials

Foreword for your book

How to get a foreword and/or testimonials for your book This is a question I am asked often: how do I get a foreword or testimonials for my book from people I respect or admire in my industry? There are a number of different ways you can approach this. The first step is usually a […]

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