Publishing packages for motivated executives who want an edge on their way to the C-Suite

The Edit and Proofread package

Every book needs a good edit. (Yep, even those big bestsellers and literary masterpieces went through several rounds of edits.) This package is perfect for people who have written their book and already have the design side sorted or are planning on organising the rest of their book themselves.

The Edit and Proofread package includes a consultation with your editor, who will have a look at your manuscript and recommend the level of editing required. They will also provide you with a sample edit for your approval before editing your whole book, so you know just what to expect when you get your edit back. After the edit is complete, your book will be sent to a proofreader (a different person from your editor) to give your book a final read and find any little things that you and the editor may have overlooked. (Hey, even editors are human and don’t see every misplaced comma!)

Once your proofread is complete, your book will be returned to you, and you'll also receive our post-publishing guide which is full of hints and ideas to help you get the most out of your new book.

The Design and Layout package

This is like the design version of the Edit and Proofread package. (In fact, you could combine the two packages into one – just ask us about how this works!) In this package, all you get is design and layout.

This package includes a customised cover design by one of our highly experienced designers and an interior design to suit the content and target market of your book. Both the interior and cover designs are created in close consultation with you to ensure we are all on the same page (pun intended).

Once you are happy with your interior design we will complete the interior layout, which is a fancy way of saying we’ll put all your words, diagrams, tables and anything else into a book format.

With the Design and Layout package, you will also receive an ISBN (international standard book number) and a barcode for your book, and cataloguing with the National Library of Australia (basically, this means we list your book with the big library in Canberra).

Upon completion of your design and layout, we will provide you with final print-ready files that you can send off to the printer.

The Stand Out Executive package

Many executives aiming for the C-Suite are enhancing their career prospects by self-publishing a book on their area of expertise, creating an edge over colleagues and other job seekers when going for that top position.

A high-quality hardback book makes a world of difference when the person next to you only has a business card and a résumé. The Stand Out Executive package will provide you with a professionally edited and designed book that will make you ‘stand out’! This package covers all of the things you will need to create a professional book.

Included is an ebook and print on demand version of your book that will be available worldwide through retailers such as Amazon, iBooks and Book Depository, and 200 hardback copies printed by Australia’s leading book printer. You will also be able to turn your book into an audiobook with a discount from our preferred supplier.

We’ll also provide you with a PDF of a few formatted chapters of your book that you can email to potential or current employers or put on your LinkedIn page to build your profile.

In addition, we provide 12 months of post-publication support and advice, and we’ll give you a copy of our post-publishing guide which outlines some tips on launching your book and how to get the most out of it after it's published.

Edit and Proofread

Design and Layout 

The Stand Out Executive


Advice on what level of editing is required

Consultation on design

Consultation on edit and design



Interior design

Cover design

ISBN, barcode & National Library cataloguing

Ebook and print on demand formatting and upload

Printed copies

200 hardback

Audiobook discount

Sample PDF

12 months post-publication support

MHP post-publishing guide

From $3,300

From $3,800

From $16,000

  • If none of these packages meets your requirements, please contact us for a self-publishing quote customised to your needs.
  • The final cost of your package will depend on the length of your book, the level of editing required and the number of images, tables and so on. The provided costs are based on a 35,000-word book with a standard edit and up to 15 images, tables or diagrams.
  • We use only the best service providers. Everybody on our team has experience in or with a major publishing company, including Penguin, John Wiley & Sons, Random House, Lonely Planet, Oxford University Press, RMIT Publishing, Hardie Grant and many more. 

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