I Should be HappyHeidi Di Santo has published two books with our help. Heidi’s latest book I Should Be Happy, But I’m Not was released in March and we asked Heidi what she has been up to since her book came out.

“My intention behind writing and publicising my book can be summed up by this quote from Michelle Obama: ‘Success isn’t about how much money you make, it is about the difference you make in people’s lives’.

I help people to realise that the most important relationship they have is with their own self and I help them to look within, sort out their ‘inner’ life and ultimately find peace. This then creates a solid foundation for their ‘outer’ life. There are so many people struggling with depression, addiction, anxiety, etc. and I want to help people to realise that life doesn’t need to be so hard.

Given this, I suppose I operate very differently to other authors in that I don’t have sales targets or big plans for my book. I just know that what I’ve written about has really helped me and I’m trusting that people who need to hear this information will find their way to the book and my work.

To attract people to my work, I do have an eBook and a video training series that people can access for free at my website. They are then introduced to the book and my other training/counselling if they take an interest in this.

So far, I’ve done a few radio interviews and one TV interview with Studio 10. I’m working with a PR agent and I’d like to get a regular spot on TV (but am not attached to it – if it’s meant to happen it will). You can see the media I’ve done at: http://www.heidi.com.au/about-heidi-di-santo/media-on-heidi/.

I’ve also beenHeidi quote promoting the book indirectly on Facebook each day when I put up a picture quote and provide commentary under the quote saying ‘if you want to know more, download my FREE eBook, or undertake my FREE video training series or read my book I Should Be Happy, But I’m Not.’

To get my message out there, I write a monthly article for ‘OH Magazine’ which gets distributed to health clubs all over Australia and New Zealand. I also have a YouTube Channel where I publish a new video each month and write a monthly blog.

Also, I can see in the future (when the kids get older and aren’t so reliant upon us) that my husband and I will travel around the world speaking about this stuff so we can help others.

I think that if I keep doing what feels right and what I know will help others, the money will follow, but money is not my main focus.”