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DIY self-publishing supplier checklist

If you're going to manage your self-publishing project yourself, this checklist will help you decide what self-publishing services you need and what questions to ask any publishing service providers you may be considering using.

Stand Out: Using your book in your business 

This is a chapter from Michael’s book Stand Out that looks at ways you can use your book to help build your business.

‘Where Does the Comma Go?’ writing style guide

This is a brief guide to punctuation, numbers and other common writing issues. (The focus is on Australian English, so if you’re from the US or elsewhere, some of the things in this guide may be a little different from what’s required in your market.)

Michael Hanrahan‘s Top 10 self-publishing tips  

Michael has worked in the publishing industry for more than 20 years. Here he shares his top 10 tips for successfully self-publishing your book.

Michael’s Smallville page

Smallville is a great site for small business owners. This link will take you directly to Michael’s Smallville page, where you can find his articles on writing, self-publishing, book launches, budgeting for your project and much more.

What makes a good interior layout for a book?

In this short video, Michael provides some tips on what makes a good interior layout for your book.

Want to discuss your book?

Book a 30-minute chat with Michael to discuss your specific needs and get an outline of what we do.