If your aim is to publish a book to the same high standards as a major publisher, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Australia’s #1 in self-publishing for business. At MHP we offer a full self-publishing service from manuscript to finished book, as well as mentoring and consulting. With more than 70 years combined experience in the publishing industry working in and with some of the best publishing houses in Australia (including Penguin, Random House, Oxford University Press, Lonely Planet and John Wiley & Sons), our team have the knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure our self-publishers’ books are professional and of the highest quality.

While more and more books are being self-published by entrepreneurs, business owners and experts in their fields, the vast majority of people still haven’t written and published a book – and that includes your competitors. If you create a professional-standard book and promote it well, this will separate you and your business from the other businesses in your industry. It will make you stand out as an expert and as an authority in your field, and your business will benefit accordingly.

Over the years at Michael Hanrahan Publishing we’ve developed a 7-Step Self-publishing System that’s logical and easy to follow, even for publishing beginners. We work closely with our self-publishers throughout the process, explaining in detail what needs to be done each step of the way. It’s our job to make sure everything happens at the right time and in the right order. You get the best advice, but you also get to make all the decisions.

Following is an overview of our system. If you have any queries about these steps, please contact us, or you can book one of our free consultations, during which we’ll go through the process with you. You don’t have to take up all of the services we offer – we’ll work with you to design a publishing package to suit your personal requirements.

Step 1: Planning

The first step in our self-publishing system is planning. We’ll discuss with you issues such as what your aims are for your book, how many copies you’d like to print, your schedule, any particular issues that may be unique to your book, and more. We’ll gather all the information we need to give you the best advice about your book.

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Step 2: Editing

After having an initial read of your book, we’ll discuss your manuscript with you and explain the changes and the level of editing we think are required. This is also your chance to raise any concerns you may have, such as a particular chapter you think needs more work, or you’d like to add more headings. After this discussion, we’ll do a sample edit of – usually – around five to eight pages, and send this to you for consideration. This sample edit is done in Microsoft Word with changes ‘tracked’, so that you can see everything that has been done. Once we have discussed this sample with you and agreed on the level of editing required, we’ll complete the edit and send it to you for checking.

We’ll work closely with you during the editing stage, and of course all changes we make are subject to your approval.

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Step 3: Design

After discussing the cover and interior with you, one of our experienced designers will come up with a number of different design ideas for you to consider. Once you have chosen a text and cover idea, we’ll keep working on those designs with you until you are happy and your book looks great.

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Step 4: Proofreading and indexing

Next, your book will be proofread. There’s nothing much for you to do during this stage. The proofreader may find an issue that we need to check with the self-publisher, but usually proofreading is just the final tidy up of any typos and other minor errors. If your book is being indexed, that will also be done at this point.

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Step 5: Printing

We’ll help you decide how many copies to print, advise on the specifications for your book, and manage the print process for you. We use only experienced and very high quality book printers.

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Step 6: Ebook, print on demand and audiobook

Once the files for your book have been sent to the printer, the ebook formatting begins. Your book will be converted to an ebook and uploaded to Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and other ebook outlets. If your package includes a print-on-demand and audio book option, these will also be done at this time.

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Step 7: Distribution and post-publication support

We offer different distribution options, including bookshops, and we can also provide advice if you want to manage your distribution yourself. And we also offer 12 months of advice and support after your book is published.

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