Michael Hanrahan Publishing opened in 2004, after Michael turned down a job offer from Penguin to go his own way. In that time we’ve worked with major publishers such as Hardie Grant, Random House, Oxford University Press, RMIT Publishing, Five Mile Press, Hinkler Books and John Wiley & Sons, and best-selling authors Martin Roth, Louise Bedford, Chris Tate, Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull and Steve McKnight. In recent years, in line with changes in the publishing industry, we’ve specialised in self-publishing for small business for authors who want to produce a professional-quality book to build their profile and promote their business. We produce some of the highest quality self-published books in Australia, and offer a complete service that includes editing, design and layout, printing, ebook formatting and bookshop distribution.

Michael Hanrahan, Director of Publishing

Michael’s father was a writer, so he grew up in a house overflowing with books. He has inherited his father’s love of words and writing, which is why he chose to work in publishing. Michael completed his Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Deakin University in 1997, and has since worked in-house and as a freelancer. He has held the positions of editor, editor and production coordinator, and managing editor for Wrightbooks (Australia’s leading publisher of business and finance titles) and John Wiley & Sons Australia. He has worked with many best-selling authors, and has experience in publishing, writing, editing and design for a wide range of clients, including Oxford University Press, Australian Book Review, Bystander Press, Southern Cross Care (Vic), Overland, RMIT Publishing, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Random House and the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Michael has also been a presenter at the annual Small Press Network publishing conference.


Charlotte Duff, Senior Editor

Charlotte began her career at John Wiley & Sons Australia, editing titles within their Wrightbooks and For Dummies divisions. During her 10 years at John Wiley, Charlotte became Commissioning Editor for the For Dummies division. During her time at Wiley, Charlotte edited a vast array of business titles, helping authors structure their books in an organised, logical way so the information flowed well and was easy to understand while also ensuring the project retained the author’s voice and stayed true to their vision. For both the Wrightbooks business titles and the For Dummies ‘how-to’ titles, Charlotte’s focus was on making sure what could be quite complex information was presented in an accessible way for an intelligent audience who may not know much about the subject. Before joining MHP, Charlotte worked as a freelance editor, and her clients included Macmillan Education, Text Publishing, Allen & Unwin and Hardie Grant.

Vanessa Battersby, Editor and typesetter

Multitalented Vanessa Battersby has logged more than 15 years in publishing as an editor and designer, and more recently added a writing string to her bow. Beginning her career at Wrightbooks/John Wiley & Sons with Michael, she has been employed at Lonely Planet and Penguin, and also detoured into the education sector to produce elearning courses for respected VET publisher Aspire Learning Resources. As a freelancer, her clients have included Dorling Kindersley, Fairfax, Hachette, Hardie Grant, Random House, Text Publishing and the Jetstar (Asia) and Tiger Tales inflight magazines; her favourite among her writing credits is the weekly column ‘News Bites’ for popular restaurant review site Eatability.com. In recent years, Vanessa was honoured to present two guest lectures on ‘Digital Publishing for Education’ for RMIT as an alumna of the Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing.

Anna Clemann, Behind the Scenes Manager

Anna has a background in administration, marketing and publicity. Anna began her career working in administration and publicity with Wrightbooks (where she met Michael) and as Melbourne publicist for John Wiley & Sons Australia. Before joining MHP, Anna ran her own photography business as a sole trader. A few years ago she decided to close up shop and join Michael Hanrahan Publishing as our Behind the Scenes Manager. Anna brings more than 15 years of professional experience to her role, and works closely with authors, freelancers and suppliers. When she’s not working, Anna loves to photograph wildlife, kayak, and hang with her and Michael’s fur-kids Archie and Lik.

Lik the Office Cat

I sit on Michael’s manuscripts while he’s trying to read them, walk on his keyboard when he’s trying to type, sleep on his chair when he’s trying to work and make a lot of noise when he’s on the phone. I’m so good at what I do I think I deserve a promotion.

Archie the Galoot


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