This was quite a different project, starting with its size (127mm x 178mm); it is smaller than most of our other books and it is also a hardback with a dust jacket, where most of our projects are paperback. We worked on all aspects of this book, including editing, proofreading, cover and interior design, layout, printing, and ebook and print on demand formatting and distribution. Kingpin by Sarah Bartholomeusz explores the business and leadership skills of notorious drug lords from around the world and the lessons entrepreneurs can learn from them.

Reboot Your Thinking

When Nick came to us, he had a clear vision of what he wanted his book to be like. He had decided already on a square format and already had the cover design done. We helped Nick with the editing, proofreading, interior design and layout, printing, distribution, and ebook and print on demand formatting. Reboot Your Thinking is about using daily themes to think differently and move further towards being the best version of yourself.

Student Engagement

For Tim's book we undertook all aspects of production, including editing, proofreading, interior design and layout, cover design, printing, and the ebook and print on demand formatting and distribution. Student Engagement is indicative of most of our projects, being our standard size (A5), paperback printed on white paper with perfect binding. Student Engagement is a book for teachers that gives simple, practical and powerful frameworks they can use to inspire and motivate all of their students.

A Fractured Life

A Fractured Life looks at one woman's journey and determination to overcome car accident trauma. With this project we worked with both Clare, who told the story, and Julie, who the story is about. This book includes a 16-page colour section in the middle documenting in pictures Julie's accident and recovery. We also worked on the cover, interior design and layout, editing, proofreading, printing, and ebook and print on demand formatting and distribution.

Organise & Thrive

With Organise & Thrive we worked mainly on design, looking after the cover and interior design, as well as doing the layout of the book and printing. Organise & Thrive focuses on the 5 foundations that are critical for a dental practice's success: the dentist, the environment, the team, the systems and the patient experience. Author Andrea Felton gives dentists the steps they need to build a more productive and happier practice. 

The A-Z of Service Excellence

Another fantastic example of the kinds of projects we work on regularly, The A-Z of Service Excellence, written by Cate Schreck, is a guide to becoming a customer service professional. We helped Cate with editing, proofreading, cover design, interior design and layout, printing, and ebook and print on demand formatting and distribution. This book was produced in our standard size of A5, and has the cover board and interior paper we recommend to most of our self-publishers.

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