Count More Beans

The author of Count More Beans, Nadi Elias, has specialised his financial accounting business to focus on two of his passions: coffee and business. Count More Beans is a beautiful book, and stands out with its heavy matt cover and gloss title. We worked with Nadi on editing, interior design and layout, printing, ebook and print on demand formatting, and distribution, including to bookstores.

The Future of Property Investing in Australia

This is the second book we have done with author Sam Saggers (previously we worked with Sam on his book Property Success in 7 Lessons). With The Future of Property Investing in Australia, we worked on all aspects of the book, including cover design, interior design and layout, editing and distribution (ebook, print on demand and bookstores).

Simple Dog Care

As dog lovers, we had a lot of fun working on this book, from finding fun dog images to just learning some new things about how to care for our dog. We worked on all aspects of Simple Dog Care, and for the interior we did a special type of design so that each section is easy to skip to, which makes it an easy reference guide for dog owners. As well as the interior design and layout we also did the cover design, edited, proofread and printed the book, and we are helping Lerida with distribution too.

The Gift of Asking

Kemi came to us for her second book The Gift of Asking and knew exactly what she wanted her book to look and feel like. The end result is a beautiful cover with silver foiling, and the book is printed on cream paper. We helped Kemi with the cover, printing, interior design and layout, editing, proofreading, distribution and ebook and print on demand formatting (pretty much everything!).

The So What Strategy

We worked with Davina and Gerard on all aspects of their book, and we are particularly proud of the internal layout of this book as there were numerous diagrams and tables the authors used to explain their approach to business storytelling that required special attention. We also helped the authors with their cover, printing, distribution, ebook and print on demand formatting, and editing and proofreading. 

The Retail Experiment

The Retail Experiment was written to help those in the retail sector engage their customers through in-store experiences, an interesting idea in the age of online shopping. This was a great book to work on, and we made use of full-page part dividers in the layout to help set each section apart from the others, making it a handy reference guide for retailers no matter what level they are at. Amy also had us help her with cover design, editing and proofreading, printing, and ebook and print on demand formatting and distribution.

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