Copyright Beth Jennings Photography_MHPublishing_WEB-2698Being a published author will help you build your profile, promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. It’s a turbocharged business card, a demonstration of your skill and experience, an ad, a marketing tool, a symbol of your commitment to seeing a project through, a key that will open many doors, a representation of the standards of your business.

I speak to authors all the time who tell me how having a published book has brought all sorts of benefits to them and their business. I spoke to one author recently who had very carefully tracked sales related to his book, and after about six months he put the value of extra sales at over $50,000 and growing rapidly. I can guarantee that if you produce a high-quality book and use it well in your business, tangible results will emerge in your bottom line. I’ve seen it time and time and time again.

I have never worked with an author who held their printed book in their hands at the end of the project and said, ‘You know what, I really wish I hadn’t done this.’ And usually it’s the exact opposite – first-time self-publishers are almost jumping up and down with excitement when their book arrives from the printer. On that day I feel like their new best friend. As well as being a very powerful business tool, writing and self-publishing a book is a great personal achievement and something to be very proud of. Many a bottle of champagne has been drunk when books first arrive. (I love that day.)

Yes, time, effort, discipline and financial investment is involved, but every author I work with thoroughly enjoys the process. Yes, all of them. In publishing a book you learn a lot about a whole new industry. You get to meet and work with interesting, creative people. And at the end of it you have a book you can be proud of.

Publishing your own book not only makes good business sense, it is also a fantastic thing to cross off your bucket list.