Planning - Step 1

As with any major project, planning is crucial to getting your book published – that’s why it’s Step 1 in our seven-step system. The two major elements in planning your project are working out what needs to be done for your book and planning your schedule.

We’ll discuss with you any deadlines you may have for your book, and provide a schedule for your consideration. Typical turnaround times for different elements of the process are:

  • Editing: four to five weeks
  • Internal design and layout: four to five weeks
  • Cover design: three to four weeks (completed alongside editing and interior layout)
  • Proofreading: one to two weeks
  • Printing: three weeks
  • Ebook and print on demand formatting and upload: four weeks (completed alongside printing – this is formatting your book for Amazon, Book Depository, iBooks and other sites)

At this point it can also be useful for you to consider the following issues:

  • How will you use your book to promote yourself and your business?
  • How many copies will you need? Working this out is not an exact science, but have a think about who you want to send the book to when it comes out, how many copies you think you can sell, what publicity you might do and whether you will be distributing through bookshops.
  • How much should the print version and ebook version of your book cost?
  • What do you want to go on the cover of your book?
  • How do you want the interior of your book to look?
  • What will the release date be? It’s a good idea to plan the release date for a few weeks after you expect books to be printed, just in case there are any delays during the production of your book. Also, keep in mind that the ebook and print on demand versions of your book will not necessarily be ready at the same time as your print book.

When we get to the design stage of your project, we will ask you to provide us with some book designs that you like, to point us in the right direction. You can start considering this during the planning and editing of your book. Have a look at the books on your shelf or go to a bookstore. Find some cover and interior designs that you like which reflect how you would like your book to look. For the cover, think about design, colours, fonts and images. And for the interior, think about fonts, spacing and design. When you find some designs that you like, you can send us the books, photograph the designs with your phone and send these images to us, or scan and email the designs. Or, if you have found the designs online, you can email the links or image files.

We also encourage you to start planning now what you are going to do with your book when it is printed. Think about who you are going to send it to, how you are going to use it in your business and what publicity you might do. If you start planning now, you can be ready to go as soon as your books are printed.

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Step 2: Editing

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