Printing - Step 5 - MH Publishing

If we manage your printing for you, your book will be printed by Australia’s leading book printer who print for all the major publishers, including printing the Harry Potter books and the recent worldwide bestseller Fire & Fury.

We’ll help you make all the decisions about your printing, including:

  • how many copies to print
  • what paper to use
  • whether to use matt or gloss lamination
  • whether you should consider options such as embossing or other embellishments.

When deciding on your quantity, think about:

  • how you will use the book in your business
  • who you want to send the book to
  • how many copies you think you can sell
  • what marketing and publicity you might do
  • whether you will be distributing through bookshops (which will require more copies).

Print runs vary widely depending on authors’ needs. Our typical print runs are 100 to 300 copies for self-publishers not using bookshop distribution, and 300 to 500 copies for self-publishers who are using bookshop distribution. (Our distributor usually takes 200 copies of our books.)

The more copies you print, the lower the print cost will be per book. You may wish to factor this into your decision, but more important are the factors listed above. It’s no good getting a lower price per book but then ending up with more books than you actually need. And keep in mind that you can always reprint quickly if you get low on stock.

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