ebook-versionsEarlier this year we looked at the different types of ebook formats; now we’ll take a look at how to distribute your ebook.

The number of ebook stores has grown rapidly in recent years. Some volatility has also occurred, with takeovers, mergers and collapses.

You can manage your ebook distribution in two basic ways: like many things, you can do it yourself, or have somebody manage it for you.

All you need to do to manage your ebooks yourself is a bit of time and some reasonable computer skills.

If you’re going to do it yourself, you can set up accounts on each individual ebook store you wish to sell on and upload your files yourself. Setting up the accounts can be a bit fiddly but isn’t too difficult. You provide the information you’d expect, such as price, an author bio and ISBN, and then upload your files.

The other DIY option is to use what’s known as an ‘ebook aggregator’. This is where you upload to just one site and they upload your book to a large range of ebook stores – for a fee, of course! Many ebook aggregators are available, so if this interests you just do an internet search and check out the options. Some of them will charge you a set-up fee, and then there will usually be either an ongoing annual fee or a commission on sales.

You can also pay to have the whole ebook distribution taken off your hands, usually by a self-publishing provider.

Which option you choose will depend on your priorities. The more you do yourself the more money you will save but the more time and energy you’ll have to put in.