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We offer three different distribution options, outlined below. It is the self-publisher’s responsibility to generate publicity, and therefore sales, for their book. Our distribution options make your book available, but this does not guarantee sales. We do not market, publicise or promote your book in any way.

If you have chosen bookshop distribution, the agreed quantity of books (usually 200) will be sent from the printer direct to our distributor. Please note that we have no control over which stores might stock your book; we make the book available, but the choice to stock your book is up to the individual stores.

If you are using our ebook distribution service, your ebook will usually start to appear in outlets a few weeks after your book is printed (though we ultimately have no control over exactly when a book is listed). This is because after the book is sent to the printer, it needs to be reformatted into an ebook and then uploaded to stores. Your ebook will appear on iBooks, Amazon and other major ebook outlets.

Print on demand
A print-on-demand version of your book will make it available on sites such as Amazon and Book Depository. As with the ebook, some reformatting is required, so it will start to appear on sites a few weeks after your book is printed.

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