“Michael Hanrahan is the go-to guy in the self-publishing world. If you want to publish the best book you can, look no further.”
Andrew Griffiths , Australia’s #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author
“I’ve relied on Michael Hanrahan’s eye for detail and editing skills since 1997. There is no-one who is more capable, more focused or more dedicated than Michael when it comes to every aspect of the publishing game.”
Louise Bedford , author of four best-selling books on the sharemarket, www.tradinggame.com.au, Melbourne
“Publishing You Can Run Pain Free! has been a terrific platform for gaining exposure for both my personal brand as a physiotherapist and also my business of physiotherapy Pogo Physio. Pogo Physio and my following have had an increase in growth as a result of becoming a published author. For any aspiring professional to boost their credibility, authority and ability to gain attention and an audience and therefore have influence, I highly recommend publishing a book. Michael Hanrahan Publishing has been an invaluable assistance in this process and in fulfilling this, one of the many career goals that I have.”
Brad Beer , Physiotherapist and author of You Can Run Pain Free!
“Once I had made the decision to write my book I will be forever grateful for being referred to Michael Hanrahan Publishing. Where do you start when you have no idea of the direction that you should take? In my case, I was fortunate to find in Michael someone who is qualified, capable, has integrity, and, most of all, cared about his relationship with me. I always felt that, in a way, this was not just another book he was publishing, but something that was really special. And throughout the whole process, that’s the way he treated me. Since the book was published and released onto my website it has been the catalyst for increasing my profile within my industry beyond what I had ever anticipated. When many of my colleagues are riding off into the sunset, I now find myself in moving into another phase in my 40+ years business career.”
Russell Collins , author of Skills That Succeed
“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think publishing a book would be possible. After 20 years as a midwife and 10 years a doula I knew my head was filled with valuable information pregnant women needed. With 1 in 3 women giving birth by caesarean section and 33 – 45 per cent of women perceiving their birth experience to be traumatic (Beck, Driscoll & Watson 2013) the knowledge and experience became something I felt compelled to share. This was the birth of Stork Talk – delivering strategies for your Ideal Birth. I have since seen a 20 per cent increase in revenue and expect this to continue growing. I am constantly being invited to speak at events and now feel an authority in my field with a book to prove it.

Working closely with the MH Publishing team eliminated the pain from the publishing experience. The process was smooth and I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way often at times when I wondered if I could do it. My business has gone from strength to strength and I attribute this to being a published author. A short 11-month period from writing the first words to holding my beautiful book was nothing short of a miracle. I am very grateful to the MH team and would recommend them to anyone wanting to publish.”
Cheryl Sheriff , Doula and author of Stork Talk
“So how has the book helped my business? Where do I start? My book, How to Thrive under the NDIS was launched at disability sector state conference in February 2016. Since publication I have sold out – twice. Thanks to the book:

  • I had a reason to meet and interview 15 industry CEOs and sector thought leaders in Australia and the UK.
  • I am now receiving regular speaking invitations, locally and interstate
  • I have had articles appear in industry magazines and have been invited to submit future content whenever I wish (my trouble now is keeping up with it!)
  • I was invited to speak at a major industry conference and took this opportunity to launch the book
  • I’ve been approached by 2 significant potential partners to discuss possible collaborations/ relationships
  • I’ve been invited to present webinars to the membership of peak bodies in the not for profit sector.
  • I’ve had two CEOs write to me saying they read the entire book in 18 hours and loved it and come back with bulk orders for every staff member. Can’t express in words what that does for your self-esteem. I’ve been self-employed for 23 years and nothing compares to it. I just feel so grateful.

Bottom line: What would I say to anyone considering writing a book?

1. Do it with Michael Hanrahan! He patiently guided a clueless first time author every step of the way. This would not have happened without Michael (and Andrew Griffiths!) supporting me.

2. The six months of crazy early mornings and RSI was absolutely worth it. You will be amazed at how much other people value your insights and experience. Before this, I took all my intellectual property for granted. I’m still surprised when my books sell out.

3. A book is a dynamite business card.”

Fran Connelley , Director at FC Marketing and author of How to Thrive Under the NDIS
“MHP edited with precision and care and made me feel included in the process. I would highly recommend their self-publishing services to anyone.”
Clare Balmer , brand designer, author and self-publisher of Expandable Brands
“Michael helped me take my book from a Word document to a professional business tool, the perfect ‘business card’ that has opened up new opportunities and seen my business grow.”
Russell Newman , author and self-publisher of The New CEO in You!
“From the moment I first spoke to Michael it was clear that he is a self-publishing expert and that he would ensure my book looked great and was of a professional standard.”
Ned Coten , author and self-publisher of Game Plan Marketing and Deputy Chair of Basketball Australia

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