information sharingThe best thing you can do in your book for you and your business is give your clients as much information as you can. Now, I’m not talking about giving away proprietary information that is important to your business; I’m talking about the kind of stuff your clients will value and that will help them make the decision to come to you rather than a competitor.

Your clients will appreciate the information you give them and they will still need your services – you’re just helping them to pick you. When I wrote my book and website I didn’t hold anything back, but none of the information I put out there has turned my clients into publishers or editors. They still need my services to be able to self-publish their book.

This is the same for you – you are the professional, you are the one who has trained and built experience in your particular field, and no one is going to be able to do your job just from reading your book or any other information you put out there. This applies whether you are an architect or a personal trainer or a chef – whatever!

So, with the exception of your company’s secret sauce, give away as much information as you can! Your readers will appreciate it and you’re building a relationship with them right from the start.