There are an unlimited number of ways to use your book in your business; today I’m going to look at a few that are easy to do and won’t cost you anything (except your time).

Give your book away

You might send a copy to potential clients that contact your business with an inquirybook publishing, or use it as an incentive to up-sell other products. You could also send copies to past clients that you have not had contact with for a while to remind them that you’re still there.

Sample chapters on your website

Giving away a sample chapter from your book on your website is a great way to draw people to the website and will often lead them to purchase a copy of the book or perhaps the products or services that your business offers. If you ask people to put their name and email in to access the chapter you are also building your mailing list with qualified leads.

Speaking engagements

A book gives you authority in your industry, so use it to help get speaking engagements. Send copies of your book to institutes, societies and other places where your industry is represented. Many of these places need to fill speaking spots, but they will often want someone with authority – your book helps give you that authority. If your book is on a topic that spans many industries, such as business leadership, you can try sending it to many different institutes and reach new audiences.

Client meetings

A book can also help you within your business. An accountant we worked with said that after he published his first book he noticed that his appointments on average started getting a little shorter. It took him a while to figure out why. He’d written a book on taxation (someone has to do it!), and it was displayed in the foyer of his office so clients could see it when they came in. He realised that ever since the book had been displayed clients were accepting his advice just a little more quickly. His clients were now holding him in higher regard.

Articles and blogs

Having a book published gives you the authority to write about your industry, and this can lead to articles and blogs. You can write a few articles based on the content of your book and send them around to relevant outlets for possible publication. Having a book increases your chances of being accepted. Make sure the articles are relevant to the media/blogs you are sending to.

Thud-worthy business card

Picture this, you’re at an event where there are others from your industry and you’re all trying to network and possibly meet new clients. All your competitors are handing out their business cards, but not you. You’re handing out copies of your book. What do you think a potential client is more likely to find and pay attention to when they get home? Don’t be afraid to give away copies of your book. Consider it a marketing expense – after all, isn’t that part of the reason you wrote it in the first place?

Book review copies

This is another way to get your business out there; sending review copies to media that do book reviews (this could include sections that are relevant to your industry, like the lifestyle section if your book is about the benefits of yoga, or the finance section if your book is about trading on the sharemarket).

So don’t just leave your book sitting in the back of your office or garage – use it to grow your profile and your business!