10 Seeds front coverJohn Matthew’s book The 10 Seeds You Must Plant to Grow Your Business is for those contemplating business, start-ups, and owners of emerging businesses who want to improve the performance of their existing enterprise. Here John talks about why he chose to self-publish his book rather than use a traditional publisher.

John Matthew – The 10 Seeds You Must Plant to Grow Your Business

The main idea of my book was to provide added creditability and, although early in the marketing process, it has met its goals. I have been offered speaking and workshop presentations to people who are my target market, and I have others pending, and the book has provided introductions which would not otherwise have been made.

If I had chosen to go the “traditional” route in publishing my book, it would have taken 12 months at a minimum before I had hard copies in my hand. That’s just one of the reasons I chose to self-publish my book. I also felt that I was in control of the decision-making process while also having someone to give me guidance and advice; this gave me confidence in an area in which I had no previous experience.

From a personal point of view the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I would suggest people speak to a professional self-publishing company so that:
1. They understand the options available
2. They get a real understanding of the process, and
3. They gain clarity regarding the responsibilities of the respective roles. (That is, the author/publisher and the other experts involved.)